What Is Crypto Pyth Network (PYTH)?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) promises to revolutionize the way we manage our money and empower individuals to take control of their financial lives. The vast majority of DeFi services require a blockchain oracle—a secure, reliable method for blockchain applications to obtain financial data from the external world.

Enter the Pyth Network, the largest first-party oracle network for publishing financial market data on-chain. The network sources its data from over 90 first-party data providers, including some of the biggest exchanges and market makers. Pyth offers real-time price feeds for cryptocurrencies, equities, foreign exchange pairs, ETFs, and commodities to smart contract developers on more than 40 blockchains.

Since April 2021, the contributors of the Pyth Network have been working to provide Web3 developers with hundreds of real-time price feeds. The mission is to make all of the world’s financial market data available on the blockchain for developers everywhere.

With the blockchain industry moving towards a future of high throughput DeFi, there is a rapidly growing demand for low-latency, high-frequency on-chain data. This blog post delves into the Pyth Network’s role in enabling this transformation.

How Pyth Network Works

Picture Pyth as a decentralized marketplace for market data. Unlike traditional oracles that relied on nodes collecting data from public resources, Pyth stands out by incentivizing original owners of financial data to contribute it directly to the blockchain. This unique “first-party” data model future-proofs Pyth for the expanding world of DeFi. The network’s data providers, consisting of global exchanges, trading firms, and market makers, are the true creators and owners of the data they contribute.

Three Components of Pyth Network

  • Data Providers

These are the contributors of Pyth. Global exchanges, trading firms, market makers, and other institutional and decentralized market participants form a diverse community that directly supplies their proprietary data. Pyth specializes in two types of price data—tradeable asset prices from exchanges and the most recent transaction prices from traders.

  • Pyth Protocol

At the core of Pyth lies a protocol designed to aggregate data from various providers, creating a unified price and confidence interval every 400 milliseconds for each price feed. This aggregation occurs on an application-specific blockchain named Pythnet, configured as a proof-of-authority chain, ensuring robustness and accuracy in the data.

  • Data Users

The end-users, which are applications on Pyth-supported blockchains, read these aggregated price feeds and seamlessly incorporate the data into their smart contract logic. What sets Pyth apart is its “Pull Oracle” architecture, allowing data users to request a price update when needed. This innovative approach is gas-efficient, meaning users only pay for the prices they require, avoiding wasted gas fees on unused updates.

Products of Pyth Network

  • Pyth Price Feeds

Pyth Price Feeds offer over 350 low-latency price feeds, updating every 400 milliseconds across various asset classes such as cryptocurrencies, equities, and more. This product is accessible without subscriptions or engagement with sales teams. Developers only need to integrate it into their applications.

  • Pyth Benchmarks

Pyth goes beyond real-time updates with Pyth Benchmarks. This product allows users to query a historical archive of prices from Pyth Price Feeds. It provides a standardized approach to calculations and presentations, bringing consistency to settlement and valuation processes.

What is the PYTH Token?

The PYTH token is the native cryptocurrency of Pyth Network. It plays a crucial role in coordinating the activities of various participants through crypto-economic incentives.

PYTH tokens are key to aligning the interests of different stakeholders in the network, such as publishers, consumers, and delegators.

In the Pyth Network ecosystem, these tokens are utilized in several important functions, including data staking, distribution of rewards, and governance. This makes them central to both the operational and strategic decision-making processes within the network.


The Pyth Network represents a pivotal innovation in blockchain oracle technology, especially for DeFi applications. By providing real-time, high-quality financial market data, Pyth Network addresses a crucial need in the blockchain ecosystem. As DeFi continues to grow, the role of networks like Pyth in offering accurate and timely data will be crucial, paving the way for more sophisticated and reliable financial services on the blockchain.

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